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CANTIO – chamber opera – first CD recording and distribution online

The recording of my chamber opera CANTIO from the festival Ultraschall in Berlin 2013 – is now available as CD and accessable via all major online distributors.
Text: Sharon Lynn Joyce
German Text: Erika Ria Otto
Stage dir.: Cornelia Heger
Vivian Lüdorf (narrator), Margret Giglinger (sopr.), Florian Feth (tn), Tobias Hagge (bs)
L’ENsemble (Lithuanian Ensemble Network)
Vykintas Baltakas, cond.
Production of Kulturkontakte e.V., Konzerthaus Berlin and Ultraschall Festival / Deutschlandradio Kultur
© LEN media, 2015

Cantio on the Radio again

Cantio (2004) Music-theater

2 April,21:04 – 22:00 | KulturRadio RBB | MUSIK DER GEGENWART
mit Ulrike Klobes

Ultraschall – das Festival für Neue Musik 2013
Vivian Lüdorf, speaker; Margret Giglinger, s; Florian Feth, t; Tobias Hagge, bar;
Vykintas Baltakas, c.
Production: Kulturkontakte e.V., Konzerthaus Berlin, Festival Ultraschall 2013